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Mindful Me at the El Paso Library

County: Woodford

The Mindful Me program aims to promote mindful practices for youth ages 5-8 that lead to improvements in managing one’s own goals, developing a sense of
self, time management, stress…

Pressed Flowers | Carroll County Master Gardeners

County: Carroll

Join Master Gardener Nancy Gmitro at the Thomson Library for a lesson on pressed flowers. Learn the basics about what flowers work best and fun projects with pressed flowers. Participants will…

Right Plant Right Place | Big & Small Gardening with Lee County Master Gardeners

County: Lee

Wouldn't it be terrific for all ages to learn more about gardening? The Lee County Master Gardeners have started a gardening series called " Big and Small Gardening."  This series will be held at…


4-H Ambassadors Meeting

County: Sangamon, Menard

The Logan/Menard/Sangamon 4-H Ambassadors program empowers teen 4-H leaders with the knowledge, skills, and aspirations necessary to be effective advocates for Logan/Menard/Sangamon 4-H Youth…

OSF St. James Diabetes Support Group: Cooking for 1 or 2

County: Livingston
Are you tired of eating leftovers?

Most recipes make a family-sized portion, causing a weeks’ worth of leftovers for someone cooking for one or two people. Join Nutrition and Wellness Educator…

Mock Cat Show

County: Will

Do you have a cat at home?  Join us as we learn how to show a cat at a cat show!  Showing an animal at a competition teaches responsibility, ethical care of animals, and helps you show your…

Aquaponics Workshop

County: Coles

Come and see a type of agriculture that combines fish (aquaculture) and plants in aquatic systems without soil. It is a perfect combination where the fish take care of the plants, and the plants…



Earth Day Kit

County: McLean
Our changing world needs environmental leaders with a passion for our planet.

Make your classroom a playground for learning and discovering the wonders of the natural world. Celebrate the world's…

First Wednesday Series | Eggs: From Farm to Fork

County: Crawford

Eggs -actly right. The incredible egg—learn more than you need to know about the perfect protein provided to us by the humble hen. No registration is required. Taught by Nutrition and Wellness…

Debunking Common Myths in Psychology and Neuroscience 2.0 | Springtime Science

Explore brain facts vs. fiction.

We’re back to bust more psychology and neuroscience myths! Dive into questions about multitasking and attention, as well as brain plasticity and the integrity of…

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