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Health Insurance Dissected | Get Savvy

Health Insurance Dissected | April 12, 2023

Premiums, deductibles, co-payments, and other out-of-pocket health costs all add up. Choosing your health insurance plan wisely can make a big…

Lawrence County Spark at the Library- Magic Swimming Fish

County: Lawrence

What ignites your child? Here is a chance to allow them to explore and create something new each month, helping them find their spark. Eight monthly free classes will be held at the Lawrence…

Polypharmacy: Effects of Multiple Daily Medications | Springtime Science

Can too many prescriptions become problematic?

Studies show that more than 131 million people or 66% of adults use prescription medication every day. Polypharmacy, or the consumption of multiple…

Dog Obedience Training Information Session and K-9 Demonstration - Livingston County

County: Livingston

Get ready for the upcoming Dog Obedience Training Program and find out what it is all about at this information session. Trainer ClaraLee will review the what you can expect when you and your four…

Fulton 4-H Shooting Sports Safety Meeting

County: Fulton

The major emphasis of 4-H Shooting Sports is safety while handling firearms. Respect, character building, and accuracy of shooting are also components.

Air Rifle is open to youth age 8-18…

Identification of Illinois' Native Oak Species | Forestry Spring Webinar Series

 Can you name all 20 oak species native to Illinois?

Illinois forests are incredibly diverse.  Oaks are a diverse and ecologically important tree group in Illinois.  This presentation will review…

Tea Garden Design Workshop

County: Putnam

The tradition of making and taking tea in the garden is steeped in garden history.  Today tea gardens also provide enchanting outdoor spaces that are soothing, productive, sustainable, and lovely…

First Thursday Series | Eggs: From Farm to Fork

County: Edgar

*For this event only, the date is the second Thursday of the month*

Eggs -actly right. The incredible egg—learn more than you need to know about the perfect protein provided to us by the…

Cloverbud Workshop - Build Your Own Marshmallow Rocket - Woodford County

County: Woodford

Create Your Own Marshmallow Rocket includes four introductory activities for our Cloverbud 4-H members (ages 5-8) in an 8-page activity booklet.

Youth learn the basics of rockets,…

April in Paris Gardening Seminar 2023

County: Edgar

Don't miss this year's April in Paris Gardening Seminar on Thursday, April 13, 2023!


Steve Schuren from Schuren Nursery:  New Proven Winners Varieties Mary Liz…

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