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A hand pulling a cart

Putting Healthy Food on the Table: Addressing Food Access Challenges for Families With Young Children

Nurturing Foundations Webinar Series 2024
Explore the challenges associated with food accessibility and practical ways to address them

One in five young children lives in a household that struggles to put enough nutritious food on the…

brain graphic with Wits Fitness text

Wits Fitness: Brain Exercise Class | Rochelle

County: Ogle

Wish your brain could be more agile? Is your memory not as sharp as you would like? Join University of Illinois Educator Kara Schweitzer as she leads participants through interactive…

a dehydrator shelf with dried peaches

Dehydrating Your Summer Produce

Yes, You CAN!
County: JoDaviess

Dried foods are delicious, healthy, lightweight, and easy to store, use, and transport. In fact, drying is one of the oldest food preservation methods around. So, whether you are looking to…

pressure cooker gauge

Pressure Canner Dial Testing Clinic

May 2024 - Jo Daviess
County: JoDaviess

Before using your pressure canner, have your dial gauge tested for accuracy. Testing will ensure your pressure canner reaches the appropriate pressure needed to process low-acid foods, such as…

Dial Gauge Pressure Canner Testing

Dial Gauge Pressure Canner Testing - Champaign County

County: Champaign

Calling all home canners! The University of Illinois Extension is offering a helping hand to ensure your favorite jams, jellies, and vegetables are preserved safely this season with free pressure…

Local Government Education Series graphic

Exploring the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act

Local Government Education
Learn how to navigate government transparency requirements.

Discover two educational webinars hosted by University of Illinois Extension, Rural Partners, and Governors Rural Affairs Council.…

Cooking for One or Two, person in an apron cutting vegetables

Cooking for One or Two!

DeWitt County Nutrition and Wellness

Planning, Shopping, and cooking for yourself or another person has its challenges. 

Join us, and learn skills to reduce food costs, limit food waste, and plan nutritious meals…

Pressure Canner with a gauge

Pressure Canner Testing Clinic | Marshall-Putnam

County: Marshall, Putnam

Pressure canning is important when canning low-acid foods, particularly meats and vegetables. Illinois Extension recommends home canners have their dial-gauge pressure canners tested at least once…


Empowered to Make a Change: An Introduction to Weight Management (Clark County)

County: Clark

Overweight and obesity is a prevalent health concern in the United States, affecting upwards of 73.5% of U.S. residents in 2017-2018. Rural areas are especially impacted with the prevalence of…

wooded path lined with trees

Master Naturalist Book Club

County: Macon

Enjoy reading?  The Master Naturalists will be holding a discussion on the book "A Walk in the Woods:  Rediscovering America on the Appalachian" Trail by Bill Bryson

Ages 18 and…

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