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Pollinator Habitat Videos

Tricky Pollinator Questions and Answers

Are my annual plants “junk food” for bees? Can I help pollinators by not mowing my lawn? How can I help pollinators thrive if I don’t have a garden? This presentation explorespollinator questions that have nuanced, uncertain, or controversial answers. 

Illinois Native Pollinators

When it comes to pollination, honey bees get a majority of the attention. However, many insects play a role in pollination. listen to University of Illinois Extension Educator Ken Johnson as he discusses native pollinators. Ken will discuss different native pollinators and how to make your...

Tips for Pollinators and Favorite Plants

We give helpful tips for helping out pollinators plus our favorite pollinator plants. Plus, tons of resources if you’re looking to include pollinator habitat in your landscape.

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Monarch Butterfly Status Update with Brodie Dunn

Brodie Dunn chats about the recent listing of the monarch butterfly as an endangered species by the IUCN. What does that mean for us in Illinois where monarchs spend their summers? We dive into the most recent scientific publications to determine how the monarch population is doing according to...