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Healthy Eats and Repeat 2020

Every Season Recipes for Cabbage

Cabbage Recipes for Every Season

There are three things I appreciate about cabbage. One, a single cabbage gives a lot of cut or shredded pieces. Two, it has great shelf life. If I only need part of a cabbage for a recipe, the remaining cabbage seems to last for weeks in my fridge. (Yes, there are varieties of cabbage that are...
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Nut nutrition. With tips on shopping, storing, and cooking

Nut Nutrition: Healthy Fats, Protein and Fiber

Are you nuts for nuts? If so, you probably have some favorites. Maybe pecans or walnuts? Peanuts or almonds? Fortunately, no matter your favorites, nuts are a nutritious choice! Nutritionally, 1/4 cup of just about any nut contains around 200 calories, 14-18g fat, 5-7g protein, 2-4g fiber, and are...
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Three apples on wood background

3 Apple Side Dishes for Fall

Visualize the experience of eating an apple. Hear the crunch. Feel the juice dripping on your chin. Taste the sweet and tart flavors. Ah, it feels like fall! Nutritionally, 1 medium apple (around 3-inches across) contains around 95 calories, 25g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, and is a source of vitamins...
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Bok choy on marbled background

Little Bok Choy Cabbages Welcome Big Flavors

Cabbage comes in many more shapes than light green or dark purple globes. Bok choy – or pak choi – is one of the looser leaf styles of cabbage, and one of the foods in my CSA (community supported agriculture) share for late spring this year. Like other cabbages, bok choy is a source of vitamins...
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