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Building Entrepreneurial Communities 2022

Bring life to empty downtown buildings

I’ve noticed that many of our rural Illinois communities have a vacant or derelict building in the heart of their downtown or on main street. While the missed opportunities of a property sitting vacant seem basic, the concept is complicated. Intent, code, statute, and insurance classification may be used to determine whether a real property is classified as vacant, unoccupied, abandoned or derelict. Despite the definition, this category of properties can overshadow neighborhoods, business...
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What does it take to keep our roads clear . . . and how do we pay for it?

In Illinois, we’re familiar with the phrase “A winter weather advisory is in effect for your region.” Snow has blanketed the state from north to south and more snow is predicted. Winter storms can bring bitterly cold temperatures, heavy snow, and icy roads. We rely on IDOT and our local highway departments to send out trucks, equipment, and crews to treat surfaces, plow the roads and respond to weather emergencies. In return, they ask that we slow down...
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