It seems during every class I teach, or group I talk with, there are two things I say every time: 1) Read your pesticide labels, and 2) test your soil. It is what I call my "Extension Mantra." The reason I routinely tell folks to read labels and test soil is not that I get a kick-back from pesticide companies and soil labs, it is because these two simple tasks could save Illinois homeowners money.

Some things in nature are a delight to observe. Rainbows, thunderstorms, and fungus, well, specifically fairy ring fungus. Fairy rings are near perfect circles of toadstools, often seen in the lawn following a period of wet weather. Fairy rings can also be observed as a ring of abnormal turf that is a bright green or a halo of dead grass. Lore surrounds these curious circular formations. As far back as Medieval times, people believed fairy rings appeared after a band of fairies had danced on the lawn.

Hello? Does this thing still work?

I'm dusting off the old Green Speak Blog to encourage anyone who has subscribed to this blog to check out Good Growing. This is another blog I've worked on for the past several years with my colleagues.

This will be the final post on the Green Speak blog, which will eventually be removed from the Extension website. I will likely repost much of these articles after updating them onto Good Growing.