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Campus Engagement in Our Unit 2014

Downtown Success Indicators

Throughout the Midwest, there are examples of thriving central business districts. University of Illinois Extension in partnership with the University of Illinois Department of Urban and Regional Planning conducted a literature review to identify common strategies and attributes of successful...
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Downtown Success Indicators, A Review of the Literature

August, 2014 North Central Regional Center for Rural Development, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois Extension, University of Wisconsin Extension, Iowa State Extension. Maintaining and revitalizing a downtown plays a critical role in overall...
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2014 Public Engagement Symposium

Transit Planning & TOD Urban Design in Peoria Drew Awsumb,Department of Urban & Regional Planning; Bumsoo Lee (DURP) and Kathie Brown, UI-Extension The greater Peoria metropolitan region has experienced meaningful expansion in recent decades and additional growth is...
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