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Campus Engagement in Our Unit 2015

Small Business Toolkit - Canton, IL

Taking stock of the community's resources to support entrepreneurship growth and development is a critical element to creating a proactive environment for business development. Local Economic Development Organizations can take proactive approach to assisting existing and prospective business owners...
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2015 Public Engagement Symposium

Regional Economic Development in Fulton County 2015 Public Engagement Symposium | March 10 Sponsored by Office of Public Engagement and the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning Spoon River Partnership for Economic Development, a non-profit...
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Local Food Resource Guide, 2015

Local Food Resource Guide The food we eat has profound impacts on public health, environmental quality, economic development, and land use. Increasingly, activists, analysts, public health practitioners, farmers, consumer advocates, and policy makers agree that finding new...
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Washington Historic Commercial Square

Creating a local Historic Commercial district is the focus of a UIUC Department of Urban and Regional Planning Capstone project. Marcia Klop, Graduate Student in Department of Urban and Regional Planning at UIUC is working with University of Illinois Extension, City of Washington Economic Developer...
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