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Know How, Know More 2019

3 strip of deer jerky on white plate with blue background

Wild Eats - Jerky

Avid campers and hikers might keep jerky, or dried meat, with them when outdoors. Drying is one method of preserving food for longer storage. While you can buy jerky, you can also make it yourself! Our office had one last package of deer meat from previous recipes in our Wild Eats series, so we...
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Deer eating near tree

Wild Eats - Part 1 (Introduction to Deer)

Partnerships are a big part of Illinois Extension programs.  This one started with a conversation about deer hunting and turned into recipe videos and a blog series.  So many ‘thank you’s to Sara Wade, MS, RD, LDN, with Kirby Medical Center for sharing her experiences. Check out...
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Furred and Feathered Townies

I once had a squirrel enter my house from an upstairs window, which promptly ran downstairs to finish my breakfast of eggs and toast on the dining room table. My dog and two cats watched from the sidelines incredulously; no doubt asking themselves why they didn't get invited to breakfast...
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Kokedama String Gardens

Kokedama String Gardens Get creative with your houseplant displays this winter and try hanging a few plants in the window to create a string garden. The term String Gardening is a term that has become attached to a style of Japanese bonsai known as kokedama, which literally means...
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Farmer's Market Checklist

Farmer's market season has kicked off in many communities for the season.  We have a few tips for keeping your foods safe and at good quality.   Before Set your alarm. Getting to the market early means you will likely get the amount and quality of produce you want. ...
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Journey to Freezing Celery

Celery is one of the foods that tends to go limp in my refrigerator. I do not use celery as much in recipes as, say, onions or carrots. I never enjoy throwing out the limp celery, and set out to find a way to save as much as I could of my purchase. Try 1: Make lots of celery recipes in...
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DIY: Red Pepper Flakes

Every summer, gardens at home are hit or miss on what grows and what doesn't. Sometimes a plant just grows and grows! This was the case for the gardener who brought me multiple bunches of hot peppers – jalapeños, poblanos, and lots of small red hot peppers. Just for fun, I decided to string and...
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DIY: Regrowing Celery

A fellow Illinois Extension colleague shared a blog last year titled "Kitchen Scrap Gardening." You might have heard of these home kitchen experiments regrowing foods from leftover seeds, stems, and scraps. Using the stem leftover from my last post on freezing...
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DIY: Regrowing Green Onions

On the heels of regrowing celery, I was inspired to regrow another veggie: green onions. For anyone looking for a fast return on investment, these green onions regrew quick! A quick cut, a quick soak, and a quick planting in soil has yielded weeks of regrowth on green onions, with no stopping yet...
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