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Raise, Grow, Harvest, Eat, Repeat 2015

Companion Planting: Anecdotal or Tried and Tested?

Companion planting is a management strategy of planting crops together. The idea is that each of the crops will benefit one another. Perhaps one repeals insects that attack another. Maybe one of the companions provides nutrients that the other plant can use. One plant could keep sun from the soil...
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Harvesting the Cucurbits

At this time of the season, you are probably getting close to harvesting members of the squash family. The cucurbits/squash family includes butternut, acorn, watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkins/gourds. Last week, we had the last Late Summer Field Day for the year at Freeport High School in...
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The Mildews of Summer

Last summer, I focused on profiling tomato blights which you can still find here. As we've dealt with a rainy, colder June and now July so far, it may be that we start to see mildews
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