Date: October 26, 2016

Authors: Richard Gates, 217-244-2791,

Jay Solomon, 815-235-4125,

Sources: Extension Specialists in Region

Owners of a brand new beef barn, utilizing a 10' deep pit under slats for manure collection, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on December 10, 2016, at their ranch in Pike County. A large group was on hand, including representatives of the construction company, lumber and materials providers, the Illinois Livestock Developers Group, key commodity groups, financial institutions and engineering services.

Date: August 18, 2016

Source: Richard Gates, 217-244-2791,

News Writer: Leanne Lucas, 217-244-2862,

  • Hydrogen sulfide and methane gasses from liquid/slurry stores can be lethal.
  • Remember key safety rules before agitating and emptying manure stores
  • Make sure new or inexperienced workers are trained in safety

Make manure safety a priority after harvest

During February 2016, Rich Gates and myself have had a few of opportunities to give some different presentations. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we attended the IL Pork Expo in Springfield, IL. With the new location in Springfield IL, it was exciting to see the new layout for the floor and the legislative reception was a noteworthy new event this year. On the expo floor we hosted a display with information on our ongoing research. Dr. Gates brought information about a study that is looking at a novel method of piglet euthanasia.

An updated calculator for estimating manure value is now available for download. Three examples, based on our Certified Livestock Manager training worksheets for swine, beef/dairy solid manure w/bedding, and turkey litter are available. Both PDF and Excel files can be downloaded. Check it out here:

Users can enter their own values for manure application rate, manure application cost, crop type, history and nutrient needs, and the prices of commercial N, P, K equivalents.

The 2017 annual Certified Livestock Manager Training Program is taking shape. Tentative dates have been selected and are published on the CLM Training page.

A few important changes: