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Prairies to Perennials 2018

Stretching our View of Herbs

What usually comes to mind when thinking about herbs is a low bushy plant with fragrant leaves and blooms, like basil or thyme. It's a much broader category, however. An herb has been defined as "...any plant or plant part that has historically been used for medicinal, culinary or fragrance...
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Pollinators More Than Monarchs and Honey Bees

For the past several years, the decline in monarch and honey bee populations has spurred great interest in these two insect pollinators. It is important to continue to focus on their needs; however, a host of other fascinating pollinators are also working in the yard and garden. As summer winds...
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Recycle Plastic Pots

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. Join the fight to end plastic pollution by visiting Earth Day Network website and calculate your plastic consumption and make a pledge to reduce your amount, . Plastics are a problem mostly due to their un-...
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They're Back, Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetle adults may be munching on roses, lindens, raspberries, birch trees, crabapple and apple trees in your neighborhood. The beetles are voracious foliage and fruit feeders of nearly 300 species of plants. Feeding on plants generally lasts for about six weeks. The Japanese beetle is...
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