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Naturalist Notebook 2021

Purple coneflowers and other native plants in front of house

Using natives in a home landscape

As a naturalist and lover of natural landscapes, I am always seeking ways of making my home landscape look its best while using native plantings. It all started 15 years ago when building my house. I was determined to stick with a non-traditional landscape around the foundation of the structure....
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photo of rainbow colored paper arranged in a design

Three astounding benefits of creating art from data

I have a confession to make. I am a data nerd. I love a good spreadsheet, seeing all those numbers (data points) neatly arrayed. But I am also an artist. And at first glance those two would seem to be incompatible. But they are not. Data can be the inspiration for art. Don’t think so? Hear me out...
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Every fall, I engage in the ritual of scouring the various woodlots on my property to remove invasive honeysuckle. Fortunately, now after several years of doing this, most of the plants I have to remove are small.  Now it's just like weeding a garden. This past October, as I was out “weeding...
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