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Be Smart, Eat Well, Get Healthy 2023

holiday dinner

Holiday Budget Food Safety

The holiday season is upon us! Let’s do our part to lessen food waste, preserve our household budgets and ensure that the food we serve our loved ones is safe. Food waste/budget: Did you have too many leftovers last year? (Food waste in the US is astronomical, up to 40% of our...
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eggs in a bowl with egg carton

EGGS—zactly Right!

Eggs! The wonderful protein –relatively cheap, easy to prepare and versatile! You can poach, boil, coddle, bake or fry them. Fold them into an omelet or bake them in a casserole. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack, eggs are a perfect addition to anyone’s diet. Did you know? Eggs are an important...
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potatoes fresh from the garden with dirt

The great potato myth.

March is National Nutrition Month and what better way to celebrate than by debunking the great potato myth! In honor of all the Irish, or those who wish they were, we will talk about the lowly, much maligned potato. Myth #1: potatoes are fattening. In fact, potatoes are delicious and nutritious!...
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oranges, grapefruit limes

What's fresh in winter?

February is dull and dark and cold…..but at the same time full of promise. The earth is beginning to tilt toward the sun and every day, the sun shines in February the snow and ice melt---it’s true---there are more icicles in February than any other winter month—that is because the ice/snow is...
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simple meal in a bowl

Cooking for one can be fun!

Are you part of the fastest growing group in the U.S.? If you are a single or two-person household, then yes, you are. Do you struggle to cook for just you or one other? Instead of resorting to the drive-thru or worse, a bowl of cereal for dinner try these tips: Adjust your grocery shopping...
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