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Mental Health

Taking care of your energy body

On a daily basis, you are probably pretty aware of your levels of energy. We often comment on having a lot of energy, or feeling like we could use more energy. That being said, how conscious are you of how you take care of your energetic body? The energetic body is more subtle than the physical...
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Feeling worn to the bone?

The topic of many conversations as of late is that of feeling fatigued. Defined by Oxford as “extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.” You might identify any number of current stressors contributing to this state. Whether your particular brand of fatigue is related...
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The journey toward freedom

“A bird cannot hold its perch and fly. Neither can we grasp anything and be free.” – Deborah Adele This week we explore the fifth and final of the yamas, Aparigraha, or nonpossessiveness. It can also be translated as nonhoarding, nonattachment, nongreed, nonclinging or nongrasping. Aparigraha can...
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