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Pollinator Habitat

The hunt for orange September, searching for monarch roosts

It was early on a hot September morning that I turned into Goose Lake Prairie. I had arrived too early for a program and thought I would spend a few minutes in the picnic area listening to those sweet early morning sounds of nature. And then there it was — an unfamiliar, subtle sound — a strange flutter, repeating...almost like a heartbeat.  I expected to find an injured mourning dove trying to gain traction for liftoff, but no - nothing. I looked up into the trees — elm, maple, oak — only to...
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How not to retire when you retire - join the Master Naturalists

Vickie Hansen knew that when she retired, she didn’t want to “retire.” She had heard the stories. A person retired, didn’t have a plan on what to do with the time, and quickly wasted away. And she knew the science. Continued mental stimulation and problem solving are good for maintaining thinking skills. Maintaining social engagement is associated with staving off chronic disease, and staying physically active, even if it's just walking, can lead to both better health and sharper thinking...
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