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Factors to consider when choosing tree species

Trees and shrubs are valuable elements in both public and private landscapes, and the wise investment of time and careful selection will only increase their value. Though there are several non-native species that do well in our fertile Illinois soils, we encourage the use of native species to promote disease resistance, suitability to native soils, and mitigating the spread of invasive species (even unknowingly). Factors to take into consideration when choosing a tree species light...
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Everything is coming up roses

Roses have a long and vibrant history and have even been recognized as a status symbol. Because roses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, they allow gardeners a great deal of variety from which to choose. New rose gardeners may be tempted to jump headfirst into growing hybrid tea or floribunda roses only to be discouraged by the lack of blooms or amount of maintenance encountered. Shrub roses like Knockout® serve as a wonderful compromise for those who want roses in the landscape but aren’t...
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