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Growing your own food brings many rewards. Start planning your garden now to maximize both your garden space and the growing season. Find expert tips on planning, planting, growing, and managing a great garden, and look over resources to help you know when to plant vegetables in each Illinois plant hardiness zone.



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close-up view of perodical cicada head

Explore Illinois Cicadas

2024 is a big year for periodical cicadas in Illinois! Discover how periodical broods differ from Illinois' annual, or dog-day, cicadas.
cupcakes on a counrt

Grow Your Food Business

Learn about the laws, certifications, processes, and practices required to run a home-based cottage food operation safely and legally in Illinois.
New bright green plants emerging from the soil in springtime

Springtime Brings Growth

Kick off the spring season by learning about cicadas, replacements for invasive trees, and steps to take to prepare for days spent outdoors.
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spotted lanternfly

Get tools to manage non-native plants and insects at Illinois Invasive Species Symposium

URBANA, Ill. — Spotted lanternflies were found in Illinois for the first time in 2023. Quagga and zebra mussels clog water intake pipes on Lake Michigan, and every spring, invasive Bradford Callery pear trees and amur bush honeysuckle bloom across Illinois communities instead of native…

pressure canner tested

Get your pressure canner tested for free by Illinois Extension

URBANA, Ill. — Spring is a great time to take inventory of your canning equipment to prepare for the summer canning season. If you have a dial gauge pressure canner, make it a habit to get it tested by Illinois Extension every year.

Various foods can be canned at home with a boiling…

A person having an on online appointment

Unlock better hearing and discover teleaudiology solutions with Illinois Extension

URBANA, Ill. — Hearing is not merely a sense but serves as a gateway to communication and connection with the world. However, many individuals face challenges with hearing loss, significantly impacting their daily lives. Recognizing this, individuals must educate themselves and understand the…

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Spotlight on Natural Resources

The cicadas are emerging, times two! Join us as we explore the upcoming periodical cicada emergence in Illinois with entomologist Kacie Athey. In this episode, we discuss the 17-year and 13-year life cycle of these insects, their impact on the local ecosystem, and what Illinois residents can...
Spotlight on Natural Resources Podcast

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