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2024 is a big year for periodical cicadas in Illinois! Two broods will emerge at the same time throughout much of the state as soil temperatures reach 64 F. Besides the noise, which may be substantial, this large group of insects is harmless and can be appreciated and enjoyed by nature lovers of all ages. Learn about the timing, habits, and lifecycles of periodical cicadas and discover how periodical broods differ from Illinois' annual, or dog-day, cicadas.

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Plan Your Garden

Growing your own produce brings many rewards. Plan your garden space and find out when to plant your favorite vegetables and fruit in each Illinois plant hardiness zone.

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Grow Your Food Business

Learn about the laws, certifications, processes, and practices required to run a home-based cottage food operation safely and legally in Illinois.

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Spring Into Summer

Beat the heat this summer and learn how to help birds, plants, pollinators, trees, and gardens thrive with resources from our newest issue of Gardeners Corner.

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Funk Farms Offices

College of ACES celebrates Funk Farm's bicentennial

URBANA, Ill. — The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign will take part in the 200th-anniversary celebration of Funk Farms, one of the oldest and most historically significant farms in the Midwest. The free event featuring food,…

An ear of field corn, dirty worn gloves, and a stethoscope sitting on a wooden table.

AgrAbility provides more resources, expands chronic disease webinar series through summer

URBANA, Ill. — Experiencing symptoms from chronic disease is a daily and often private occurrence for many. Illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, liver disease, bipolar disorder, or other chronic long-term conditions can cause symptoms such as fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety,…

Take care of your trees with summer Forestry Stewardship Series

URBANA, Ill. — Illinois has 4.8 million acres of tree-covered land. From shading homes and feeding wildlife to producing oxygen and filtering water, trees do a lot of heavy lifting. Give them a hand by discovering innovative, research-based management options in the summer Forestry…

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