2014 average cash rents have been released by county by the National Ag Statistics Service. Non-irrigated averages charged in the 2014 growing season were: Logan $308, DeWitt $282, McLean $277, Mason $210, and Sangamon $302. Menard and Macon did not have enough respondents to report individually, and their combined average was $263.
Pasture rents were also included with Logan at $28, DeWitt $44.50, McLean $40, Mason $42, Menard $28.50, Macon $28.50, and Sangamon $40.50.

These were averages of prices paid in 2014 as reported to the Ag Statistics Service. A listing of all counties, including irrigated rates, is available at http://www.nass.usda.gov/Statistics_by_State/Illinois/Publications/County_Estimates/2014/IL_Cash_Rent_by_County.pdf Just copy and paste the link in your browser to see the page.
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