Summer Supper

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Happy June! June 3rd was National Egg Day and the 4th was Cheese Day—two of my favorite things. Which reminds me of one of my "go to" meals when we are pressed for time—as many of us are these busy summer days. I call it, poached eggs in red sauce; I thought I invented this dish.

That is, until I heard an interview on public radio on the vast and various ways cultures around the world use the humble egg. My dish, as it turns out, has versions all over the world. It's called shashouka in northern Africa, Omlet-e-gojeh in Iran, Kagiana in Greece and Eggs in Purgaotry in Italy. By whatever name, this dish is a staple in my house.

When I am pressed for time, I take out a skillet, rummage in the fridge for a jar of salsa or marinara sauce, and:

  • fill the skillet with about an inch of sauce (add some water in you need to)
  • heat until the sauce just begins to bubble
  • crack eggs one at a time into a separate bowl, then tipping the bowl slide the egg into the simmering sauce
  • cover the skillet cook until yolks are set, 3-7 minutes, depending on the number of eggs
  • grate a little cheese on top : whatever kind you have on hand

And, although I'm a little disappointed that I did not create this dish. I am still a huge fan—try it some busy evening when you have less than 30 minutes to get dinner on the table. Serve with crusty bread and a side veggie or salad and enjoy one of the most wonderfully simple meals known to man.

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