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Here are some tips:

  • Read the recipe
  • Assemble the ingredients
  • Measure flour correctly—see the video:
  • Stir dry ingredients together, no need to sift
  • Butter and eggs should be room temperature, set them out 30-60 minutes prior to baking
  • Use half butter half shortening for best results, margarine has too much water
  • Why not margarine?


  • In fact most "margarines" are not even margarine—look at the label, if it says "margarine" then it must be 80% oil, by law, if it only says vegetable oil spread or the brand name then it has much less oil and consequently too much water
  • Why not all butter?
  • Butter tends to melt more quickly than shortening, so using all butter will make your cookie spread out during bakingCream the butter and sugar for 3-5 minutes, until light and fluffy
  • Use more white sugar if you want crisp cookies, more brown if you like chewy, keeping the total amount of sugar the same
  • Use a cookie scoop to ensure cookies are all the same size
  • Rotate the cookie sheets during baking. Top to bottom, spin the sheet around mid-cooking time
  • Let the cookie sheets cool in between batches
  • Problems?
  • Flat cookies?


    Your butter was too soft, it should just yield to pressure

    You didn't use enough flour—measure correctly, watch this video :

    Your cookie sheet was too hot—let them cool between batches

    • Hard, crunchy cookies?
    Too much flour—again—measure correctly
    Baked too long—this is why we practice—every oven is different, even the weather can effect baking times
    • Check out my video on facebook
    • Practice, practice, practice!