Too Much!

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Remember last year—you know when you struggled to find room in your fridge for all the Thanksgiving leftovers? I do. In fact, I distinctly remember my cousin and I lamenting that we had nearly twice as much food as we needed for our Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I like leftovers, especially turkey sandwiches—but twice what was eaten? Nobody wants that!

Food waste is a problem in America, in fact, according to USDA we throw out 40% of the food we bring into our houses. And the perfect example is our holiday table. Laden with twice as much as we need—buckling under the weight of enormous serving platters. Our overindulgence; our thankful abundance is straining both our waistlines and our landfills!

The home cook's mantra is, "I don't want to run out"---well, running out and making twice the amount needed are two very different things. Let's think about this before we cook, before we shop, before we make our grocery lists.
  • Shop your freezer and pantry first; if stored properly frozen and canned foods are good for a year
    • Did you buy cranberries or nuts after the holidays and freeze them?
    • Do you have chicken or turkey broth in your freezer or pantry?
  • Think about portions: do NOT over buy(click on the picture)
Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Start Reducing Food Waste with Friends & Family