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Photo is courtesy of Bella Luna Bakery in Rockford, IL

The following information for women business owners was taken from the North Dakota State University Extension Service – Community & Leadership Development newsletter at

Just released by the National Women's Business Council "Grow Her Business: A Resource from Start-up to Scale-up resource platform. Grow Her Business is a searchable repository of nearly 200 premiere, growth-oriented programs. This platform will serve as a resource of valuable information and guidance for women entrepreneurs seeking to grow and scale their businesses. The platform will be an easy-to-use platform functioning as a data repository for relevant tactical resources on how to ideate, launch, and grow a business. A few things:

  • Of the 196 fully coded resources, the primary content for 50 percent is accessed in-person, with at least one resource in every state.
  • The other 50 percent of resources have some or all content online. Of the four types of assistance common to business development programs—technical, education, finance and networking—over half of the resources (106) offered multiple types of assistance within one program, potentially making for a more efficient time investment for women.
  • Fourteen percent provide opportunities for financing, as do several of the multi-assistance resources.

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