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aerial view of a field

Farm Drones: Getting a bird's eye view to increase yields

As a teenager, one of my farm duties was cultivating the weeds out of the corn and soybeans. I preferred to drive our bigger tractor because it was easier to handle, but the cultivator was mounted on the back which posed some additional challenges to the job at hand. Back in those days, GPS was...
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three generations of farmers standing in a field of crops

Farm Estate Planning Series: Choosing a trustee

Choosing a Trustee/Executor for Your Farm Estate Plan Disclaimer – The following is meant only for educational purposes and not to be construed as legal advice.  Consult your legal advisor for actual legal advice. As you work through the estate planning process,...
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combine harvesting soybeans

USDA released 2022 corn and soybean yields by Illinois county

USDA has released estimated Corn Yields by county average for 2022.  Stark County led with the highest average yield per acre(ac) at 240.6 bushels (bu) per acre.  Tazewell County came in 9th in the state at 229.9 bushels per acre. Local County Corn Yields: Tazewell                      229.9 bu...
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FAA enforces requirements for farmers operating a drone

Disclaimer – The following is meant only for educational purposes and not to be construed as legal advice. Contact your legal advisor and the FAA for more information. Flying a drone can be fun and exciting, however, for safety reasons, many rules need to be followed. The Federal Aviation...
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agriculture landscape at sunrise

USDA releases 2022 cash rents for Illinois counties

USDA has released estimated Cash Rents per acre (ac) for Illinois counties. The numbers are voluntarily self-reported and not necessarily representative of current cash rent levels. Per the author, these figures are likely low compared to the marketplace. Some counties are not reported due to a...
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