Tree Identification Workshop on October 1st

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Tree Identification

Would you like to know what kind of tree you have in your backyard? Whether it is an oak, maple or something rarer learn to identify trees with this Tree Identification workshop presented by University of Illinois Extension.

Please join us on October 1, 2015, 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the McLean County Extension Office at 1615 Commerce Parkway, Bloomington, Illinois. Registration is required along with a $5 class fee per person. Register online at or call the Extension office at (309) 663-8306. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, please contact our office.

"Learning the language of trees can help you greater understand their attributes and how to better care for them," states University of Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator, Kelly Allsup. Avid gardeners and novice homeowners can benefit from this class by learning the process horticulturists use to identify trees. We will examine the trees and all of its intricate details from the height of the tree to the shape of the leaf to the pattern of the bud. Using a dichotomous key is one of the easiest methods to identify a tree.Dichotomous means 'dividing into two parts' so the key gives only two possibilities to choose from at a time, narrowing your options until you arrive at the identity of the tree.

Join University of Illinois Extension Specialist, Travis Cleveland, as he shares his expertise and knowledge of trees and the identification process. Travis is a prominent contributor to the University of Illinois Plant Clinic in identifying tree diseases and has assisted University of Illinois with their tree identification classes.

Class activities will include using a dichotomous key to identify various trees. Each participant will receive a free poster, dichotomous handout and have a chance to win door prizes assisting with tree education. Please bring samples from home of trees or shrubs you wish to identify.