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dormant tulip bulbs in black trays

Plant spring bulbs now for early spring beauty

Give it a rest. With outside temperatures cooling, many gardeners are ready to give their tools (and their body) a rest. Although your gardening enthusiasm may be fading, preparation has just begun for another season of color: planting spring bulbs.   After a cold snowy winter, you will be glad...
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two children walk on a mulch path under trees

Ideas for youth to explore and connect with nature

Spending time in nature is beneficial to our health and well-being. It can improve our mood, make us feel more relaxed, help us be more active, and even connect us with our community. For children, time playing in nature is needed for healthy development. Don’t let the benefits of time outdoors...
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green oat plants with light green seedheads

Harness the power of nature: Winter-kill cover crops

A hidden gem lies in the late season soil—cover crops. Their transformative power benefits farm operations large and small. And now, vegetable and flower gardeners are discovering their value in the home garden. No matter how small a gardening space you have, the effects of incorporating cover...
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Two Master Gardeners use pruners to trim leaves off a houseplant

Help others learn to grow through the Master Gardener program

Plants are all around us. We are connected to plants through nearly every aspect of our lives. From the fresh vegetables we eat to the trees that shade our homes and give us cleaner air, the gifts of plants – whether bundled, potted, or growing in the ground – provide us with the qualities of a...
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a close up of carrots growing in soil

Embrace the heat, midsummer planting grows a fall root crop

Avoid the guilty feeling of an empty garden bed by planting root crops. Whether your garden has achieved timely crop succession, or the hustle and bustle of the growing season has led to an empty plot, there is always an opportunity to sow a few seeds in the vegetable garden. Early August planting...
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