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A row of cyclamens with red, white and pink flowers

Gift a Flowering Houseplant this Valentine's Day

Time is ticking to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones. Instead of the go-to fresh floral arrangement, give a gift that someone can enjoy for many months. Flowering houseplants are great alternatives to traditional bouquets of cut flowers. With a little care and maintenance,...
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Chinese Evergreen

Favorite houseplants of a horticulturist

Growing plants indoors can add a soft green touch, create a focal piece, or incorporate nature inside, transforming any room. Houseplants vary greatly in color, texture, size, and shape—there is a plant perfect for any spot. Research has also shown plants to improve air quality, lower stress levels...
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Whitefly everywhere!

Don’t fret over whitefly infestations on flowers as these latecomers to the landscape most likely don’t require control because they won’t make it through the Illinois winter. Only plants that make the journey back inside should be monitored and or treated for these insect pests. Clouds of...
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How do you bring an office plant back to life?

  When people walked out of their workplaces last March, most did not think it would take a year to come back.   While working from home, I missed my office. It housed my collection of horticulture books, notes from all my past programs, and my...
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jade plant. photo:pixabay

Horticulturists' Favorite Houseplants

In 2020, there was an uptick in greening the home office with tropical houseplants and succulents, stimulated by how different some people's jobs have become. However, the houseplant craze has been building momentum for several years much to the delight of horticulturists, watching new offerings of...
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Photo credit Pixabay. Cyclamens have unique heart-shaped leaved and showstopper flowers that can bloom for four to six weeks making them a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Blooming plant ideas to gift this Valentine’s Day

The tradition of giving flowers to family and friends to express affection on Valentine’s’ Day began centuries ago. Give your loved one a gift this year with blooms that can be enjoyed long after February 14. Blooming houseplants are great alternatives to traditional bouquets of cut flowers. With...
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red poinsettia with green tips in foreground of brilliant white holiday lighting

Keep poinsettias vibrant with grower's tips

This holiday season, buy Poinsettias from local growers, and keep them vibrant with a few “don’ts” from a previous Poinsettia greenhouse grower. Millions of Poinsettias are bought each year as decoration and gifts. What most consumers do not know is Poinsettias have to be grown with a lot of love...
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joseph's coat

Overwintering your favorite garden plants

This is the time of the year to make tough decisions about what will take up residence in the house and what will succumb to the frost. Though frost will inevitably kill off most of the tender plants that I have cared for all summer, some of these plants can be saved for next year. ...
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zz plant thrives indoors

ZZ Plant is a Tropical that Thrives Indoors

Originally published by Kelly Allsup on April 16, 2020. Most homes have insufficient light, inconsistent temperatures and tap water containing fluoride — all of which make it nearly impossible have lush foliage during the winter months. However, most tropical houseplants can be sustained...
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