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Youth development

Designing a garden for kids? Give it a theme!

Many of today’s youth lack a connection with nature or an interest in gardening or growing their own food. One of the best ways to encourage an excitement for gardening is by creating a themed garden. A child’s hands-on, experiential learning style can be encouraged in a themed garden, especially if it’s a garden they help create. Inspiration for the garden’s theme can come from many things: a favorite food, color, or animal; a story – even a historical event! The options are endless, and the...
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Make fall garden clean-up fun for the kids!

It will soon be time to put our gardens to bed for the year. Fall is a perfect time to get the kids out in the garden, with the cool temperatures and changing of the season. Have them help you with some garden chores combined with fun activities, engagement with nature, and even learning too!  What kid doesn’t love to play in the dirt? Let them tear out any dead vegetables or annual plants from the garden or containers. Some will be like playing tug-o-war with the ground and others will find...
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Kids in the Garden: Grow & Explore this Fall

Fall is the perfect time for little ones to get out in the garden to explore plants at their peak, and even grow their own plant projects in the cooler temperatures. Here are a few ideas to get them outside and appreciating nature. Cut Grass Hair Grow your own grass head, then snip or style the “hair” as it grows! The grass will germinate and grow quickly to create a lush, green head. Materials needed: 8 oz paper cup Potting soil Gass seed (my favorite is wheatgrass...
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