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Master Gardeners

A nest of blue bird eggs

Discover how people are working together to make science better

Children dream of being great things. With imagination and energy, children envision their futures in many professions – some humble, some in the light of fame. As adults, our jobs do not always align with our youth ambitions, but if your childhood dream involved being a scientist, Citizen Science...
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Yellow flowers in front of a person gardening

Thank a volunteer this week

This past weekend, I was standing in the shade of Hedgeapple Woods at Ewing Park II looking at a patch of native wildflowers where only a year before there were patches of garlic mustard and bush honeysuckle – serious invasive species for our area. In just one year, there was a dramatic increase in...
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terrarium with roman soldier - photo by Brittnay Haag

Garden fun for families on Spring Break

You may not be able to travel for the kids’ spring break this year, but make it a memorable one and spend time in your own backyard, or at a local nature space. The weather is finally starting to warm up, and your garden and yard will be coming back to life soon. Get outside and get your hands ...
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full season french intensive garden

French intensive gardens root well in Central Illinois

Connie Kostelc has been a Master Gardener volunteer for University of Illinois Extension in Livingston County for the last 22 years. When gardening for edible plants, Connie uses the French intensive raised bed method. Connie says the look of a French Intensive raised bed garden is different than...
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master gardener observers flowers

Master Gardeners Help the Community's Garden Woes from Home

You have questions. We have answers! Master Gardeners are available to help you with your gardening questions. Problems with your yard or garden? Are you starting a new garden project and need some advice? Are pests or weeds concerning you? Master Gardeners can assist in identifying problems and...
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LEGO art in the garden. Photo by Kelly Allsup.

Even Gardeners Have Their First Days

Looking back, we may realize this was the year we had a surge in cultivating new gardeners and nature enthusiasts. While most of my readers already garden and are looking for new tips and interesting information, we likely have brand new gardeners who can do without technical jargon and nuanced...
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