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Master Naturalist

A nest of blue bird eggs

Discover how people are working together to make science better

Children dream of being great things. With imagination and energy, children envision their futures in many professions – some humble, some in the light of fame. As adults, our jobs do not always align with our youth ambitions, but if your childhood dream involved being a scientist, Citizen Science...
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Yellow flowers in front of a person gardening

Thank a volunteer this week

This past weekend, I was standing in the shade of Hedgeapple Woods at Ewing Park II looking at a patch of native wildflowers where only a year before there were patches of garlic mustard and bush honeysuckle – serious invasive species for our area. In just one year, there was a dramatic increase in...
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terrarium with roman soldier - photo by Brittnay Haag

Garden fun for families on Spring Break

You may not be able to travel for the kids’ spring break this year, but make it a memorable one and spend time in your own backyard, or at a local nature space. The weather is finally starting to warm up, and your garden and yard will be coming back to life soon. Get outside and get your hands ...
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Hedge Apple Woods, Bloomington, by Rick Tindall

Get Out on the Trails

In this time of social distancing and limited activities, enjoying nature should be made a priority for all who need a bit of stress release. Have you bathed in the forest lately, hugged a tree or had a therapy session with an oak? Forest bathing is Japanese practice of immersing yourself in the...
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