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Lavishing in Lush Landscapes on Garden Walk

On Saturday, June 20 the endless onslaught of rain ceased and the skies brightened up for the 23rd annual Champaign County Master Gardener Garden Walk. An estimated 1400 people were inspired by the 6 homeowner gardens, University of Illinois Pollinatarium and the Master Gardener Idea Garden's. All proceeds from the Garden Walk help fund Master Gardener projects in Champaign County such as the community gardens and Horticulture Hotline.

The theme for 2015 was "Sense and Sensibility." The gardens featured a perfect merge of efficiency and elegance. Avid and novice gardener who attended were inspired to promote the importance of planting for our pollinators as well as the creativity, beauty, and uniqueness of each garden.

A few highlights from each garden:

  • Chism Garden, Urbana – A quaint, yet impressive shade garden with no turf. The enchanted garden consisted of winding paths of pea gravel and plants.
  • Weber Garden, Urbana – An Americana-themed garden with chic, eclectic repurposing. The most loved item was the garden shed made out of doors.
  • Friese Garden, Urbana – An expansive garden with large, winding paths featuring the best of both worlds: shade and sun flowers beds.
  • Pollinatarium, Urbana – pollinator friendly raised beds, containers, and an over 20-year-old prairie. All feed the thousands of bees who call the Pollinatarium home.
  • Wellman Garden, Champaign – This garden featured meticulous detail and beautiful arrangements of perennials, including the flagstone path surrounded by Japanese Forest Grass.
  • Wolske Garden, Champaign – This hard-working garden houses chickens, bees, and produce for the entire neighborhood! The Wolske's use their space wisely with raised beds and columnar fruit trees to be an efficient urban farm.
  • Ison Garden, Champaign – A beautiful and purposefully garden that features Pollinator Pockets and heirloom tomatoes. The inviting deck with built in coy pond invites all visitors to relax and enjoy.

Garden's Walk success can be measured by attendance and number of tickets sold. But, the true measurement of its impact is seen in the relationships built between homeowners and Master Gardeners, through the smiling children prancing around each garden, and by the flow of ideas and muses amongst gardeners.

To view more pictures from Garden Walk, visit the Champaign County Master Gardener and Horticulture Program Facebook page.

Garden Walk was captured by the following photographers:

- Laura Hayden

- Lawrence McGown

- Heather Miller

- Robert Scully

- Chris Tidrick

- Judy Yost