Locavore Restaurant Week

August 15-21 there will be several restaurants in Quincy that will feature at least one course that consists of locally grown product. Termed "Locavore" Restaurant Week, Bittersweet Confections, BoodaLu Steakhouse, The Maine Course, Thyme Square Café and 2thirty4 have all agreed to participate in celebrating the products grown in the Quincy area. Michele Wilkerson, who owns GrownNGathered, a store front that sells local vegetables (and organic products) is coordinating and organizing this endeavor.

The restaurants will offer at least a two course lunch option and a three course dinner option. This is a great opportunity to support your locally owned and operated restaurants and at the same time support the growers who provide the items for the meal. There will be fresh meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables available for the chefs to select from to design their locally grown menu.

You all know that locally grown offers so many benefits of which superior taste and freshness are premier. And the economic return to the community by keeping your food dollars here, supporting local growers and restaurants, is another benefit. These restaurants will provide their customers with some taste sensations that you simply can't get when you're consuming product that isn't local and fresh. Some of the above restaurants feature locally grown product regularly in their menu while others will utilize locally grown when possible. But for this week, they'll all celebrate the goodness of locally grown products.

Restaurant Week is a common occurrence in many parts of the US. But very few areas utilize locally grown products during their celebration. You all know that you can't beat the taste of fresh harvested product, and this is an opportunity for you to experience it. Celebrate local. Enjoy Locavore Restaurant Week and encourage these and other restaurants to utilize locally grown product throughout the year. Support your locally owned restaurants, support your local growers and support the great taste of just picked.