Photo of the Week - Feb 21, 2017

It seems fitting to post my photo of an icy morning taken earlier this year at the start of January. Presently in late February, we seem to be in a prolonged stretch of warm weather. Perhaps next week I'll post emerging daffodils or my lilac with leaves bursting through their buds. Today, let's remain in winter for a moment and remember what typically is our current state in February.

This photo was taken from the inside of the high tunnel with my lens aimed toward the rising sun. Intricate patterns of ice cover the interior of the plastic. Colors that emerge from photons piercing through the icy crystal create a cascade of rainbows as the light is refracted into its multitude of wavelengths. A photo hardly does this light show justice as my camera picked up little if any of the differences in color. Regardless, I like the interplay of ice and light in this picture.