Wanted: Illinois soybean producers for online survey

Do you produce soybeans in Illinois? Would you be willing to spend 10 minutes helping to tailor programs and projects geared toward improving future soybean yield and profitability?

If your answer to both questions is "yes", assist a joint effort of personnel from the University of Illinois Extension and Departments of Crop Sciences and Consumer and Environmental Sciences and the Illinois Soybean Association to better understand management and input decisions by completing a short online survey by April 10.

University of Illinois Crop Scientist María Villamil explains: "By gathering baseline information about current management practices and technology adoption, we will be able to develop programs and focus research on the most critical agronomic issues for soybean farmers in Illinois."

Questions about the survey can be sent to María Villamil at villamil@illinois.edu or Anne Silvis at asilvis@illinois.edu.