Dec. 18 Webinar Focuses on Cash Rent Decision Tool

Purdue University's Center for Commercial Agriculture is hosting an upcoming webinar entitled, "Making Long-Term Cash Rent Decisions Using a Cash Rent Decision Tool" to be held on Friday, December 18 between 8 and 9 a.m. (CST).

The Director of Purdue's Center for Commercial Agriculture &Professor of Agricultural Economics, Dr. Jim Mintert writes,

"If you're struggling to decide what you can afford to pay for cash rent in 2016 and subsequent years, this webinar can help. Purdue agricultural economist Michael Langemeier and I will discuss cash rent strategies you can use in 2016. We'll also demonstrate how you can use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool to compute a break-even cash rent for farmland, compare it to what you perceive to be the market cash rent in your neighborhood, and evaluate the impact paying a cash rent above your breakeven could have on your farm's liquidity.

The webinar is free, but you need to register to participate by clicking HERE. Once registered, you'll receive a link to the live webinar broadcast. Following the broadcast we will also email you a link to a recorded version of the webinar for viewing when you have time.

If you missed our last webinar entitled "Capturing the Upside and Buffering the Downside," which focused on key management strategies you can use in this challenging operating environment, you can view it and all of our previous webinars via our archived webinars page."