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Hill and Furrow

Significant Black Cutworm Flights Continue

A significant black cutworm flight (9 moths) took place overnight May 3rd to 4th at the Northwestern Research Center in Monmouth. Along with rain, the recent weather system (which looked like a giant clock-wise turning hurricane over the middle of the US) likely carried North black cutworms.

Entomologist and Illinois Natural History Survey's Coordinated Agricultural Pest Survey coordinator Kelly Estes wrote a recent Bulletin article detailing the impressive moth flights that have been capture across the state in recent weeks. In this article she also

While the first significant black cutworm flight in Monmouth occurred 3 weeks ago (resulting in a projected cutting date of May 18), significant flights last night indicate that plenty of moths are in the area and are likely mating extending the projected cutting dates for some time (estimated: May 29).

Redouble those scouting plans to be sure that black cutworm larvae aren't allowed to take you and your emerging seedlings by surprise!