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Information on Using Pesticides Safely In the Lawn & Garden

Every year, people have a lot  of questions about identifying pests around the lawn or garden; which pesticide to use or not to use; how to apply it and how much should be applied. Pesticides used correctly are one of the tools a gardener can use to control pests.

Candice Hart and Doug Gucker, Extension Educators in Horticulture and Local Foods Systems, have created a series of short videos for homeowners that will help answer common questions about how to  use pesticides safely and properly around the home lawn and garden. The four videos in the series have been released: Pest Identification; Pest Control Product Selection; Applying the Right Rate; and Safe Use of Pesticides

Please remember that pesticides are one of the ways we can control insects and diseases in addition to exclusion, resistant varieties, biological control and cultural management (cultivation, mulching, etc).

We hope you find our Home Lawn and Garden Pesticide series helpful for your gardening season.