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    I have been noticing tree frogs for the past month and a half. First, I saw a green one back in September on the porch door and then several on the kitchen window in the evening. This past Sunday, I noticed a gray tree frog sitting inside a storage shed. Locally, I have heard reports of people seeing numbers of them on the side of their houses.

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    This is the “wheel bug.” While it resembles something out of a horror movie, it is actually one of the “good’ insects. The semi-circle crest of this bug resembles half of a cog wheel, hence the name. It is a member of the Assassin bug family and they feed on soft-bodied insects such as caterpillars, moths, aphids, and leafhoppers.

    Do not pick them up, they can bite. Just leave them alone and let them feed on some of our nuisance insect pests.

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    Trees and shrubs are valuable elements in both public and private landscapes, and the wise investment of time and careful selection will only inc

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    With frequent summer thunderstorms, we should be diligent in scouting for tree

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    Judging by the weed pressure in my garden, the growing season is in full force!

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    Roses have a long and vibrant history and have even been recognized as a status symbol.

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    These few weeks in April bring an onslaught of spectacular spring colors from blooming tree and shrub species.

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    If you're like me, while performing spring clean-up around the yard, you may realize some lawn care is also needed!

    Here are some helpful tips for the season:

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    Winter begins challenges to the small flock chicken owner.

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    2020 has been quite a year for all of us with all the changes that have been thrust upon us. This includes our farmers who supply fresh produce and meats to our local markets. With the health restrictions, many farmers had to quickly change from face-to-face market sales to online sales with delivery or pick-up. Other farmers had to quickly find new markets for their lost restaurant sales and still, others had to make changes so that customers could safely come to their farms.

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    Often people who have their own private water well forget how important it is to do an annual visual inspection of their well components and annual water testing.

    It does not take long to do, and it might save you an expensive well repair bill.

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    Fields are turning to browns and golds and harvest has begun. With farmers across Illinois spending long hours in the fields, they and their farm families are shifting mealtime from the kitchen table to the field.

    Being in the middle of a field without kitchen conveniences like microwaves, refrigerators, and sinks requires farmers, workers, and farm families to get creative with meals and snacks.

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    If you enjoy those sweet tender vegetables of spring, then you get another opportunity to enjoy them during the cooler temperatures of fall. The catch is that you have to plant them now during the month of August.

    Why does a fall crop need to be planted in August? Daylight and temperature.

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    Spring has sprung, the weather is gorgeous, and everyone wants to get outside. However, social distancing measures prevent many of us from being in public spaces. We can’t gather with others, but we still care about our families and our community. What a perfect time to revisit the victory garden and give a whole new meaning to the word VICTORY.

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    If you love having vases full of fresh flowers around the house, but not the price tag cut flower gardening is for you! A little planning now will have your home full of unique floral arrangements all summer long.

    First off, what is a cut flower? A cut flower is simply any flower or flower bud that is cut from the plant and used decoratively in fresh or dried vase displays, wreaths and garlands.

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    One of the secrets to getting fruit out of your home orchard year after year is annual pruning during the dormant season. This early-spring task can increase fruit quality, reduce the occurrence of diseases and improve tree health in the long-term, but many people are nervous about pruning or too heavy-handed with the clippers.

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    Grandma’s blue-ribbon apple-pie recipe may still be winning awards and your secret ingredient

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    This spring has provided ample opportunity for DIY projects so here’s one more to add to the list.

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    Food science is so fun! Like overmixing batter to see "tunnels" develop because of gluten. Or turning cream into butter or ice cream. And especially dyeing with food and plant pigments. Pigments are the compounds that make up the colors in food and plants.

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    I’m a big tea drinker – chai, green jasmine, oolong – you name it, I probably have a secret stash of loose leaf squirreled away. And just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and all things green, I’ve recently succumbed to matcha madness.

    While matcha is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, this powdered tea has been making its way onto coffee shop menus as green tea lattes and into baked goods for color and flavor. Check out our Matcha Yogurt Bowl and a Green Tea Matcha Latte recipes below!