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Urban Gardening

Tomato and Basil plants growing in a homemade container. Be sure to allow for drainage from any container.

The New Victory Garden

Spring has sprung, the weather is gorgeous, and everyone wants to get outside. However, social distancing measures prevent many of us from being in public spaces. We can’t gather with others, but we still care about our families and our community. What a perfect time to revisit the victory garden ...
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Green herbs growing out of plastic tub in home hydroponic system

Homegrown: DIY Hydroponics for All Gardeners

Hydroponics continues to be a popular topic in the horticulture industry, but usually it is on a very large greenhouse scale.   Why is it so popular? Well, it's because your plants can grow 30% to 40% faster. And it is just pretty darn cool. Did you know that you can build a hydroponic ...
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