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Take control of your weed woes

Judging by the weed pressure in my garden, the growing season is in full force! Staying vigilant about weed control in the garden is necessary as weeds will compete with desirable species for moisture and nutrients. There are several ways to approach weed management, and an integrated approach is one that uses more than one method. Factors that determine control measures Timing Species Type of landscape For instance, ridding a lawn of broadleaves requires different methods than in a...
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Are you ready for lawn care season

If you're like me, while performing spring clean-up around the yard, you may realize some lawn care is also needed! Here are some helpful tips for the season: As grass begins to grow, make sure your mower is serviced and blades are sharpened. Set the deck at a height of 2 to 2.5 inches for cutting. Any shorter allows weeds to germinate. Anything taller can prohibit grass from drying completely and promote disease. Remove no move that 1/3 the turf height in one session....
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