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Recycling Your Real Christmas Tree

Are you wondering what to do with your fresh-cut Christmas tree now that Christmas is over? How about recycling it? If you have a landscape recycling center or compost facility nearby, take it there and it will be converted into a renewable mulch or compost. Before you recycle your tree, it must be undecorated – no ornaments or lights or tree stand. In the Macon County area, people can drop off their undecorated trees at the Macon County Composting Facility. For more information, call the...
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Factors to consider when choosing tree species

Trees and shrubs are valuable elements in both public and private landscapes, and the wise investment of time and careful selection will only increase their value. Though there are several non-native species that do well in our fertile Illinois soils, we encourage the use of native species to promote disease resistance, suitability to native soils, and mitigating the spread of invasive species (even unknowingly). Factors to take into consideration when choosing a tree species light...
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Preventing storm damage to trees

With frequent summer thunderstorms, we should be diligent in scouting for tree issues that could become a larger problem. Proper preventative care can greatly increase a tree’s longevity. Important first steps  Preparing a tree for weather-related disasters happens before the tree ever goes in the ground by making wise site and species selections. A tree in an unsuitable site can take years to fail, often time by which it’s a costly removal or worse- damage to persons or property. Consider...
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The harsh reality of the Bradford Pear

These few weeks in April bring an onslaught of spectacular spring colors from blooming tree and shrub species. As many forsythia, quince, and magnolia blooms fade and leaves appear, some redbuds, dogwoods, and crabapples are just beginning their performance. A very common spring flowering tree species is the Callery or ‘Bradford’ Pear (Pyrus calleryana). It comes under different cultivar names including ‘Aristocrat’, ‘Cleveland Select’, and ‘Chanticleer’. Interesting facts to...
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Pawpaws are a native fall fruit that taste delightful

If you have never eaten a pawpaw, try this tasty, fall fruit. While the pawpaw, Asimina triloba, is the largest tree fruit native to the United States. It is the northernmost representative of its family of tropical and sub-tropical plants. People have described its taste as similar to a banana with a hint of strawberry, while others say it tastes like a banana...
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