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Nutrition education

Getting Outdoors for Campfire Cooking

Thanks to 4-H Memorial Camp in Monticello for hosting Illinois Extension and Monticello Elementary School for a day of education about pioneer lifestyle, including choosing items for a covered wagon journey, playing games, cooking and preserving foods, and learning about pelts and animals. The food portion of the day included a talk about how to cook when electricity and modern equipment were not available, such...
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Wild Eats - Jerky

Avid campers and hikers might keep jerky, or dried meat, with them when outdoors. Drying is one method of preserving food for longer storage. While you can buy jerky, you can also make it yourself! Our office had one last package of deer meat from previous recipes in our Wild Eats series, so we made jerky.  For more information on jerky, visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation through the University of Georgia.  Raw Meat Safety...
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