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A Beginners Guide To Worm Composting

This spring has provided ample opportunity for DIY projects so here’s one more to add to the list.   Worm Composting! For many, this might be unthinkable, but in reality, worm composting or vermicomposting is a great way to fulfill your mission to reduce, reuse, recycle. Vermicompost is mostly worm excrement which is also referred to as “castings.”  Worm castings actually contain 5 to 11 times more plant-available nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which is comparable...
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Vermiculture Composting: Worm Aversion Conversion

I have been composting yard and organic material for a while now. However, when I have just a few food scraps, sometimes it can be inconvenient either to carry them outside to the compost pile, or to save to do later. Deciding to add options to my repertoire, I thought I'd give worm composting, called vermicomposting, a try. Laziness and thinking of impending winter was part of my impetus to try indoor composting, I admit, but also I was just curious about it! How does composting and...
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