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Nutrient Loss Reduction

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Corn plant in dark soil

The down and dirty on soil carbon and carbon markets

Interested in joining a carbon (C) market, but not sure what it will mean for your field? With a large, diverse number of companies attempting to purchase C credits from farmers, what do farmers need to consider before selling? It is important to understand the details behind C credits and what can...
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Cover crop growing between corn stalks

What role does soil health have on IPM decisions?

With so many conservation practices focusing on soil health, what impact might those decisions have on your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) decisions? IPM is a science-based decision-making process that combines tools and strategies to identify and manage pests as defined by the USDA. It is a...
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Graphic: Talking conservation with farmers over photo of cover crops

Talking conservation with farmers

Welcome to the NEW Nutrient Loss Reduction Blog where we explore different conservation practices and work together with farmers to improve water quality in Illinois and beyond. To listen to the full podcast interviews with Chris and Steve go to go....
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