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As we look toward a summer filled with 4-H shows, we encourage you to remember this:

It's never about winning; it's about being part of something more than yourself.

It's never about being perfect; it's about being your personal best.

It's never about beating someone else; it's about beating your last effort.

It's never about losing; it's about learning what you can to keep from losing the next time.

It's never quitting, never giving in or giving up, never selling out or selling yourself short.

It's learning to lose gracefully and win graciously in the ring or in life.

It's learning that sometimes the break goes your way and sometimes it doesn't, and there's nothing you can do about it but play the game you are there to play.

It's about respecting your competitor and respecting the rules of the game and knowing the minute you stop either one, you've lost.