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Our Illinois 4-H Story

Food insecurity and cold weather

As the holiday season comes to a close, it is important to remember the ongoing needs of people struggling with Food Insecurity. Cold weather is a growing strain on families, making it even harder than normal to keep everyone fed. 

In the spirit of continued giving, consider donating to local food pantries. Non-perishable food is still preferable, despite the ready access to refrigeration brought by winter weather. As always, be sure to donate highly nutritious and delicious foods that are easy to prepare.

Additionally, consider donating cold weather gear. New winter coats and boots are an expensive necessity.

If these steps are taken, everyone can have a happy rest of the winter season!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel Holmes is a sophomore in high school in Cook County. For the past eight of his sixteen years, Daniel has been a 4-H club member. In this time he has cycled through many different offices within his club, the Creative Clovers. Daniel is eager to work alongside his 4-H peers to fight food insecurity in the state of Illinois.