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Our Illinois 4-H Story

Make food donations part of your back-to-school routine

a school bus driving away from an apple tree

As summer turns into fall, it is important to adapt donations to the changing needs of those who will receive them. The return of school lunches and the reduced pressure placed on refrigeration systems to preserve food will be boons for families struggling with food insecurity, but it is important not to be lulled into thinking all is well. 

For all the good fall brings, it also presents new challenges to food-insecure families. One of the biggest seasonal costs that waits right around the corner is the need for school supplies. The cost of new books, pencils, calculators, and other back-to-school necessities adds up. For this reason, consider donating school supplies as well as food in the coming weeks. Programs such as Operation Backpack are a great place to do so.

As always, try to make mindful donations that you would be happy to receive. If you do, you can help ensure that more children go to school with full bellies and the tools they need to learn.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel Holmes is a high school student in Cook County. For the past eight of his sixteen years, Daniel has been a 4-H club member. In this time he has cycled through many different offices within his club, the Creative Clovers. Daniel is eager to work alongside his 4-H peers to fight food insecurity in the state of Illinois.