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A voyage through space

As we conclude our journey of the five elements, we take a moment to explore the element of space. Space is the essence of emptiness. Everything that isn’t earth, water, fire, or air is space. It is the void that the other four elements fill. Translated as Akasha in Sanskrit, space possesses the qualities of vastness, expansiveness, limitlessness and subtlety.

Space is all around us and within us. At the physical level, space forms the hollow cavities of the body including the lungs, stomach, intestines and bladder. Every single cell in the human body contains a small amount of space.

At the psycho-emotional level, creating space around heavy and dense thoughts and feelings gives the ability to not identify with them so completely. Spaciousness is important for seeing beyond limiting beliefs, thereby allowing one to unfold to infinite possibilities. The space element is related to the sense of hearing, inviting one to connect with the sense of intuition, the inner listening that helps guide important actions and decisions.

When looking to invite more spaciousness into your life you might consider decluttering your physical spaces. The places you live in and work in. Start with your desk, one drawer or a closet. By clearing out that which is no longer needed one creates room for new opportunities. Likewise, look for opportunities to clear some space in your busy schedule.

If looking to work with heavy thoughts and feelings, I suggest practicing self-compassion. One of my favorite techniques is Tara Brach’s RAIN practice. While it may feel awkward at first, I encourage you to stick with it. I find RAIN to be a fruitful practice for learning to work with difficult thoughts and emotions.

To experience the benefits of opening to limitless possibilities, be patient with yourself and diligent in your practice. You may find it helpful to take notes or journal your experience along the way.