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New download location for Soybean Seeding Calculator

The Soybean Seeding Calculator that Emerson Nafziger and I put together has moved to a new server. The old links went through a Dropbox folder. Unfortunately, Dropbox changed their sharing protocol and the links would no longer work and the links could not be changed. The University of Illinois Crop Science Department gave me a spot on their server to host some of my apps. I am now trying to get the word out. Unfortunately old documents on the Internet have a long lifespan and are out of my control.

The link to the new location is

The app helps answer such questions as:
  • How many seeds should I plant to end up with a given plant population?
  • How many bags will I need to plant the entire field?
  • How many seeds per foot of row should I have?
  • What should the average seed spacing be?
  • How long will it take to plant the field?

The Apple IOS and PC versions have been consolidated in the link above. Click the Narrow Format tab at the top of the page for a mobile friendly version or click the Wide Format tab for a version that looks better on a computer monitor.

This link will take you to the registration page to download the stand alone Android version of the app: